Complete Collection Services, Inc.® provides a full range of collection services designed to complement each customer's business needs. Our customers include gift shops, restaurants, service centers, and some of the largest medical providers in the Northern Virginia area. Our expertise can help any organization resolve many customer debt-related issues. 


Complete Collection Services, Inc.® works one-on-one with its clients and their staff to develop a comprehensive plan for debt resolution. Team work is the key to success, and we have a successful track record using this one-on-one approach. Most often people do not pay their debts because they are "in over their heads" they just cannot make ends meet. We arrange payment plans that work within the debtor's budget, keeping in mind that the debt needs to be paid off within a reasonable period of time. This is beneficial not only for the debtor but for the claimant as well. While the national average for resolving a bad debt is approximately 15%, Complete Collection Services, Inc.®, on average, collects 20% of the bad debt accounts that are placed with the agency. We are licensed and insured and HIPAA compliant, so you know you are in good hands.

The old adage "Time is money" could not be any truer today, especially when dealing with delinquent accounts receivables. Don't let time whittle away your profits. The longer you postpone attempting to collect your delinquent accounts, the less likely you are to receive payment. Statistics prove that the value of the dollar decreases rapidly in the collection process, even when payment in full is achieved, because of the time and effort required during the collection process. No matter the age of your delinquencies, you know that those debts become harder to collect the older they get.  Call Complete Collection Services, Inc.® today and learn how we can structure a plan to help you resolve those hard-to-collect debts. We use professional and proven techniques that are NOT "hardcore," and we never harass a debtor. If you are not ready for collection services, we also offer pre-collection service plans.

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